Managed Services Provision


Our Managed Service Provision (MSP) programme offers you full visibility and control of your non-permanent workforce including temporary workers, contractors, consultants and even resources engaged under a statement of work.

How it Works : Under an MSP programme, all requests, vendors, workers, timesheets and expenses are recorded, managed and tracked through a process and technology that offers an enterprise level view of all activity.

Once all workers and resources are recorded, the processes can be standardized, best practices introduced and policies enforced:

  • Streamlined processes reduce both the time to hire and the burden on hiring managers during the process.
  • Consolidate Purchase Orders (PO) reduces the cost.
  • Competition and performance management of vendors increases the quality and responsiveness.
  • Controlled processes reduce the risk that can be associated with devolved purchasing practices.

Why SNS : We have been providing MSP programmes since 2001 and now manage in excess of 1,500 resources every month for organizations across MENA region.

From localized services to multi country and regional agreements our experience combined with the infrastructure, market knowledge and expertise of the region’s one of the largest specialist Consultancy means we are uniquely positioned to support you whatever the scope and location is.