Modular Solutions

Our values are based on honest and direct approach that stems from our Organizational Strategy..


Taking a modular approach can complement an already in-house capacity and also can be used strategically as a process towards a full end-to-end outsourced solution. Our approach allows you to select any of the modules of our services to build capability and bring in expertise where it’s required.

Our solutions are scalable, responsive, quick to deploy and designed to improve the performance across the recruitment lifecycle. Over the years we’ve been shaping and refining them to reflect your needs:

  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Talent acquisition, pooling and acquisition – including the project based sourcing.
  • Psychometric assessments
  • Reference checking
  • Supply chain management
  • Internal mobility programmes
  • Assessment and selection
  • HR consultation
  • Transition management
  • Exit interviews
  • Onboarding
  • Career transition

Why SNS : Our experience of working with clients in a successful modular or co-sourcing partnerships, has enabled us to develop proven and pre-defined modules, which are quick to adopt and very flexible. We have often found that a solution that starts in a certain direction will evolve, in order to keep pace with the client’s requirements..